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About Greenie Genie

Exceptional Horticultural Knowledge

With over 5 years experience in Production Nurseries, my skills and understanding of plants and soil health provides an underlining statement of quality to the gardens I care for. This knowledge offers insight to an often misled industry, allowing me to choose the correct applications that for the most part are unknown of or unobtainable. This includes fertiliser blends, liquid-injection equipment, testing meters and more to provide a glowing garden.

Standard and Outstanding Services:

  • Lawn Mowing & Edging
  • Hedging/Pruning
  • Weeding
  • Garden Beds & Veggie Patches
  • Soil pH and EC Testing & Correction
  • Plant Nutrition
  • Liquid Fertilising
  • Transplanting
  • Supply of Cactus & Succulent plants

Reliance on Customer Satisfaction

Greenie Genie's mission is to build a moderate garden clientele with abundant satisfaction. This can only be achieved through appreciating the customers requests and using a scrupulous eye for quality.

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